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 Using HERS Ratings


  • Determine the relative energy efficiency of a residence when purchasing a home.
  • Make educated decisions when investing in cost-effective energy improvements to the home.
  • Add the cost of making the energy improvements to the mortgage loan through an EEM


  • Present information on the energy efficiency of a home in non-technical and easily understandable terms.
  •  Market the energy efficient features of the homes they are selling.
  •  Identify energy efficient homes on the market for their clients through the Multiple Listing Service.




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HERS - Home Energy Rating Service

Few trends are more firmly entrenched in today's world of homebuilding and buying than the green movement. Energy efficiency has become an integral part of the big picture in terms of real estate value.

Energy Efficiencies for your Home

The home energy rating system (HERS II) is a standard measurement of a home's energy efficiency. An energy rating allows a home buyer to easily compare the energy costs for the home being considered with an energy efficient home . A home owner who wants to upgrade the home's energy efficiency can use the energy rating to evaluate and pinpoint specific, cost-effective improvements.

Home energy ratings involve an on-site inspection of a home by a residential energy efficiency professional, a home energy Rater. Home energy Raters are trained and certified by a California Energy Commission Certification agency.

The home energy rater inspects the home and measures its energy characteristics, such as insulation levels, window efficiency, wall-to-window ratios, the heating and cooling system efficiency, the solar orientation of the home, and the water heating system. Diagnostic testing, such as blower door for air leakage and duct blaster leakage testing, is often part of the rating.

  • 'Energy Upgrade California' Energy Modeling  Certified HERS II Rater

  • Home Energy Services: Home air leak detection, air duct testing, HVAC testing, energy assessments

  •  Solar Verifications for NSHP (California - New Solar Homes Partnership)

 Certified HERS Rater And BPI Analyst - Inspector for Energy UpGrade California


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  • Energy Upgrade California - CCSE listed Rater

  • Cal-Certs HERS I & II Rater & NATE Certified in AC

  • EPA 'Universal' 608  Certification

  • Title 24 2013 -

  •  Certified  Photovoltaic Installer-L1

  • $1,000,000 Liability Insurance for your protection

  • EEM Mortgages- HERS II Home Energy Audits

  • BPI Certified Building Analyst & Envelope Professional

  • BPI Multi-Family Certified

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